"Sometimes we simply need a place to call home, away from the bustle of our daily lives ...
A hideaway, where one can stay up reading, watching movies,
work on your favorite pastime ... sewing, painting?  Bring it along ... Whatever?"

"Sleep as long as you wish, relax on the Cottage Deck watching nature's season unfolding,
or hear birds performing their daily rituals ... Take a wander around the farmyard or go for a hike ..."

Whether you're wishing to join in the daily activities,
go for a walk, picnic, pick berries or simply enjoy the solitude of the country ...

A Bar D6 Country Retreat may be the answer for you ... or, your family.

Your Hosts Don & Shirl Westendorf Welcome You to their Farm!


Don and I have raised our family of four in the Mayerthorpe area, all of whom reside in the area.  This means we get to enjoy our grandchildren often. They visit often and love this place like it is their own . . . well it is in fact theirs, isn't it?? Opportunities abound, and there is always a sense of what's new and exciting or "Who's new and exciting"!

Don’s folks came to Mayerthorpe, Alberta in the thirties.  He was born in a home that his father and grandfather built in what was then known as “the new townsite”.  This house is still there and is in fine shape, right next to the old pumphouse site. Having been raised in this area he can share numerous stories and recount the many changes that have occurred over the past sixty years. 

 Although I didn’t arrive until 1972, I also now feel like a long-time resident of this part of Alberta.  Obviously both of us love where we live. 
Both of us have spent many years working and volunteering within our community.  Don initially owned and operated the Super A grocery store
which his father had owned many years previously and back then was known as “Herb’s Grocery”.  

Prior to retirement Don worked as Parts Manager for the John Deere dealership in Mayerthorpe.

For twenty years I worked for the Town of Mayerthorpe administration office, initially as a clerk, working my way up to secretary, development officer and previous to retirement held the position of Administrator.  In spite of the benefits and the personal fulfilment we had working, we found special contentment when coming home to our place in the countryside. 

We have always enjoyed the company of others, welcoming family, friends and first time visitors into our home and so often we were asked if we would just kidnap them!  Even a seismic worker testing our well and hunters visiting the area have asked if while they were in the vicinity, could we provide accommodation for them in this cottage we started in early 1990. 

As time went on and we had a few requests also for wedding photos to be taken in our yard, we came to discover that this might be just the place some people might enjoy coming to, may even need to come to, to remind them of life in the country when they were young, or perhaps to provide the flavor of the country along with a selection of farm animals for their young family to enjoy and participate with, or simply as a peaceful place to relax and recharge those batteries ... away from the hustle and bustle of busy lives.

 Indeed we invite you to consider that Bar D6 Country Retreat might be the perfect place to relax for a bit . . .




Your Hosts:

P.O. Box 779 Mayerthorpe, Alberta, Canada T0E 1N0
Email: shirl@bard6countryretreat.com

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