Introducing  ... "OUR KENNELS"



An assortment of opportunities present themselves in our lives and I’ve always been so impressed by those who are so perceptive of such things.  I have found that we are often blind to them until they repeatedly “come knocking at our door”.

 The creation of our K-9 Retreat began with a friend suggesting that we should expand our business to include a babysitting service for dogs.  That was pretty direct.  But we didn’t really think it would work for us.  She provides a similar service for cat lovers.  Funny how friends believe that if something works brilliantly in their lives it just follows that it must work in your life too!  And, why would we question that?  Well, Don and I did.  We just couldn’t see where this enterprise would be compatible with our B & B Retreat, and we didn’t at first see the parallel with what we were doing. That’s funny . . . now that I can view this in retrospect.   

On a number of occasions our grown children had found themselves in need of a baby sitter, not only for their children (our beloved grandchildren) but also for their dear puppy companions and local boarding kennels were full and they noted, this was the case well in advance.  It took several “grandpuppy” visits before Don and I gave this serious consideration.  It was only a few months later that a local kennel closed and wished to sell their kennel system.  Well now, doesn’t that make one chuckle . . .  That’s just how things fall into place sometimes.  And do you know what?  It was a perfect fit.



Like children,
our puppy
retreaters love the f

There is so much to do . . .

  • Walk times are the best! 
    We offer an all inclusive rate – there are no extra fees - all guests go out for a daily stroll.

  • The play yard provides more space to play with other guests, or the opportunity to check out more of the comings and goings of people and animals. There is also things to do – balls and kongs, frisbee-time, fetch and tug-of-war with ropes and things.



  • There are barnyard bunnies and a pair of curious cats that make life interesting whether on a walk or leisurely hanging out in our runs.

  • There are chickens to see, ponies, cows, fence lines to wander and trails to browse or

  • Perhaps go for a run. . .



July 7, 2008 was Opening Day:  

“We’ve been enjoying our “Puppy Retreaters” for over a year now We love this new activity. 

Fortunately we are animal lovers, we love to walk – and indeed we get to do lots of that! 

We chuckle at their antics and enjoy playtime as much as they do.”



Inside our Kennels . . .

We operate year-round.

Guests have their own 4X5 ft. inside kennel which opens to a 10 ft. run. Each run opens to the playyard area where dogs can have their own play time for a couple of hours daily, or socialize if compatible with the other K-9 guests.




The kennels are heated
in cooler weather




Guests may choose to bring their own blankets/beds/toys/dishes for comfort
or we provide these items.





We play with our dogs inside the kennel too! 

They come out to be introduced to the other guests as part of getting settled, and to be with us often when it is "chow time"
just like at home.


We’ve learned how to balance the two -

Our “People Retreat” and our “Puppy Retreat” . . .

Don looking after the kennel first thing in the morning while I’m busy in the kitchen and welcoming our “People Retreaters” for breakfast!

Often we’ve welcomed Guests and their dogs!




And, as with everything in our lives, our children and grandchildren are involved. 

Of course they think this is fantastic and they love our visitors as well. 

 When grandchildren come to visit  ... We have helpers!

 And, our dogs are “in Bliss . . .


Ohhh ... that feels good!













Relaxin' at the Beaver Dam ...





Going for a walk ...












Dog Sitting at ... "BAR D6 K-9 RETREAT"


Mid-way between the Towns of Mayerthorpe & Whitecourt

Directions (see map below):
7 miles south of hwy. #43 on secondary hwy #751 (Nojack hwy) to township road #580, turn left (east), travel 1 mile and turn right (south) onto range road #102.

          We are 1½ miles on the right side of the road – you’ll see our sign!”


Pick ups and Drop offs by appointment ONLY during the following times: 

Mornings:    8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Afternoons:    5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.  

  • Pick ups and drop offs outside of hours may be considered but by prior arrangement only. 

  • Check out time is:  11:00 a.m.

  • Please note that afternoon pick ups will be charged ½ of that night’s stay.


Our rates are comparable to local kennels.

Full payment by CASH or CHEQUE at pick up please.

Receptive and willing K-9 visitors all receive daily walks (minimum 15 minutes) and cuddle/play times.


One nights stay will be charged when sufficient notice is not given – particularly during peak times (Summer, Easter, Christmas and Long Weekends) – 1 week notice is required.

All other times:   We would appreciate 48 hours notice.



  • Day Care Service:  7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., or any portion thereof.






9 1/2 miles off Hwy #43, just 15 miles west of the Town of Mayerthorpe


Your Hosts:

P.O. Box 779 Mayerthorpe, Alberta, Canada T0E 1N0

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